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About is a tool from AngelList to help founders & VCs generate SAFE documents. After you fill out the fields, you will be able to download a PDF. If you want to manage your fundraise on AngelList, sign up for AngelList Raise.

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About this document generator

This tool from AngelList will generate SAFE documents for US-based C Corporations based solely on information you provide. Aside from the information you provide, the documents are not customized to your particular needs.

What kind of SAFE should I use?

The most commonly used document on the AngelList Platform is a Post Money SAFE with a valuation cap. If you need specific advice on what to use, please consult an attorney. You can learn more about the differences here. View AngelList Market Data on SAFEs

About SAFEs

The standard YCombinator SAFEs were created by YCombinator and are available here. AngelList and this tool have no official relationship with Y Combinator. The AngelList Education Center goes into more detail about how SAFEs work.

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How are prorata rights handled with

For post money SAFEs, if pro-rata rights are selected, will automatically also generate a pro-rata rights side letter. Standard Pre-Money SAFEs include pro-rata rights by default

Does this tool send email notifications?

No. will not send out emails to investors.


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